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Billi J Miller is an author, photographer, speaker and writer from east-central Alberta, Canada. Previously a city-living, 9-5 Government worker, Billi moved to the country to marry the man of her dreams in 2010, and traded concrete and traffic for life on a 100-year old prairie farm.

When Billi married her husband, a 4th generation Canadian farmer, she noticed there were very little photographs of their rich, 100-year farming heritage. As a photographer she felt called to do something about it. Harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit, she created a successful business as a photographer and writer. In 2016, she authored the first of a two-book series about the remarkable contributions of farmwives and has since been recognized on CBC, Global TV, City TV, as well as countless newspapers and magazines both in Canada and in the US.

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chapter 1

  • She used to write miniature books when she was a kid. She drew her own covers for them and even bound them.

  • She’s had the same six best friends since she was thirteen years old. They are referred to as the "group of seven" and they are one of the biggest reasons Billi is drawn to the power of women's stories.

  • Billi moved to Germany when she was 18 to live with a German family and learn the language. She lived there for nearly six months and immersed herself in the language and culture before returning home to begin University. Billi became what she refers to as “75% fluent in German” and still says it was one of the best experiences of her life.

chapter 2

  • Billi has been to every province in Canada. She has also visited two of the three Territories and dipped her toes in all three bordering oceans.

  • After working ten years in the private sector, Billi moved on to the Provincial Government and attained a position of Program Advisor. She gained experience working for the AISH-program (assured income for the severely handicapped), Aboriginal Relations, Seniors, and Alberta Housing.


  • Billi was honoured with a naming ceremony by a Blackfoot Chief from Southern Alberta in 2008. It translated to "Cold Star Woman" and was told before things change for the better - a star appears.


  • Billi sees the world in photographs. She mentions being unable to “turn it off”.

chapter 3

  • She has created a career out of her greatest passions. She photographs and writes about people and things that move her.

  • She loves to tell stories - and make people laugh.

  • Through Billi’s work, you will see her heart.

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I am privileged to consider Alberta my home and realize that I am living on traditional territories of the many First Nations, Métis and Inuit who have cared for these lands for centuries.
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