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Welcome to "The Adventures of South Miller Farm"

Hi there,

Welcome to South Miller Farm. We are a family of four operating a mixed cattle and grain farm in the Canadian Prairies and we are so happy that you found us! (We're from east-central Alberta, to be exact.)

Dad's a 4th-generation farmer, Mom's an author and this brand "The Adventures of South Miller Farm" is made up of a series of children's books that Billi is brainstorming with Madeline and Kate (their daughters) about any number of pets that live with us.

First, we wrote about Bubbles, our adorable, loving Bernese Mountain Dog that we've had since she was a pup. You must start there, then check back for more books we have up our sleeve.

Thanks for visiting,

South Miller Farm
Billi, Dean, Madeline & Kate.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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