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Billi has been writing professionally for twenty years in positions with both private and public sectors. Between this, authoring four books, and her growing portfolio
of freelance work, she has collaborated on a variety of projects with multiple stakeholders ranging from editors, not-for-profit organizations, community-based organizations, provincial and federal governments as well as First Nations .

Billi loves working with clients who are actively striving to make the world a better place. She naturally gravitates towards projects that inspire and move people.

She is especially inspired by people who think "outside" of the box and look

for creative solutions.

Scan her project work below, or click "let's chat" above to book a consult.

Billi can be hired to write or consult on the following types of writing projects:

  • articles

  • email copy

  • website content

  • policies and press releases

  • book proposals and manuscripts

  • blog posts

  • speeches

  • editor pitches

  • advertisements

  • strategic plans

  • social media marketing

  • workbooks & coursework

  • writing workshops

  • press releases and advertising plans

  • strategic & communication plans

  • marketing content

  • media pitches

  • newsletters

  • FAQs and Q&As

  • taglines

  • video scripts

  • marketing materials

  • book proposals

  • media & editor pitches

  •  manuscripts & publishing plans

  • strategic marketing of book projects

Billi's published books:

Billi's published articles:

Billi has written for USA and Canadian publications - see articles here.

Billi's Blogs:

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