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Always drawn to a powerful story and meaningful connection, Billi is a natural-borne storyteller. She loves to make people laugh, smile and make them think. 
Miller has been captivating audiences and readers by telling the stories of Canadian farm life since she married a 4th-generation farmer from east-central Alberta in 2010. She has spoken at dozens of events throughout Canada and the US about what she thinks makes farm life extraordinary. 


Miller speaks from her heart about the endless opportunities that come with rural living, the remarkable contributions of women in agriculture, overcoming adversity, and blooming where planted. She speaks poignantly and passionately, drawing on her many interviews while writing her books. Billi uses her life experiences and captivating stories to engage and connect with her audience. In a time when reconnection is just what we all need, she leaves conference and gathering attendees moved, encouraged, and inspired for the future.

keynote & speech themes

"Opportunities Abound: Making Home of Rural Living" 

Highlighting the boundless opportunities of making rural communities "home".


In a time when reconnection is essential, Billi tells the story about how she went from Government-worker living in the city to running her dream business from a 110-year-old farm in east-central Alberta. She dives into the unique ways our communities are enriched with organizations and people that help us to live connected, successful and meaningful lives.

"Honouring Roots: The Hearts of the Farm" 

Highlighting the remarkable roles of women and the extraordinary life that family farms offer.


Drawing on over sixty interviews from her books, this talk celebrates and honours farm women for holding up their families, farms, and communities. She delves into stories from her "Farm Kids" book and brings forth stories that ignite the passion for farm life in all of us.

"Overcoming Diversity: Blooming Where Planted" 

From Government-working “cubicle dweller” to running her dream business on a 110-year old family farm.


Billi delivers a moving talk about how overcoming a challenging family life growing up, brought her to honour and celebrate the permanence, pride and deep roots of family farms. A powerful talk about speaking your truth to empower, celebrate and inspire others.

"Billi Miller delivered a beautiful story of resilience, purpose and inspiration. We all need key girlfriends, role models and people who believe in us."

— Shannon Pestun, Director, Women's Entrepreneurship, ATB

Attendee, Advancing Women in Agriculture West 2018

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