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The Farmwives Book Project

by Canadian Author & Photographer Billi J. Miller

Billi J. Miller is an author, photographer, speaker and writer from east-central Alberta, Canada. Previously a city-living, 9-5 Government worker, Billi moved to the country to marry the man of her dreams in 2010, and traded concrete and traffic for life on a 100-year old prairie farm.
Upon landing there, she quickly became inspired by the hard-working yet humble women she was surrounded by. She felt they needed to be celebrated for all they did nurturing their homes, families, farms & communities.
These two widely celebrated books featuring candid interviews, stunning photographs & farm-kitchen recipes do just that.

"I hope this is one of a hundred book series!"

— Bridget Ryan

Producer/TV Host

Dinner Television

"Equal parts laugh-out-loud funny, poignant and instructive, Farmwives 2 shows that, just as there's no right way to be a farmer, there's no right way to be a farmwife" - Jennifer Blair, Farming Smarter Magazine.

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