"Farm Kids" Book Project
(Coming in 2022) 

Billi J. Miller is the creator of the widely celebrated Farmwives project, a two-book series about the remarkable contributions of farmwives. The books contain candid interviews and charming, handwritten recipes and have been featured on CBC, Global TV, and City TV.

"As a full-time farmwife and farmer of over twenty years, reading these stories inspires me and reminds me why I’m still doing this! Thank YOU for putting us WOMEN in a book. This is heritage for the upcoming generations. Behind those strong farmers are very strong women who go through so much"

— Sandra C.

Ontario, Canada

Miller is currently interviewing for her next book "Farm Kids." This book will be an insightful look at how being a "farm kid" has changed through the decades. She includes interviews with folks in their 90s all the way down to six.


"You have a brightness in your spirit that is rare. You are documenting people’s lives. That is really special. Thank you for putting your heart into this."

— Amanda A.

Daughter of a Farmwife


Miller has been captivating audiences and readers telling the stories of Canadian farm life since she married a 4th-generation farmer from east-central Alberta in 2010 and has spoken at more than 20 events throughout Canada and the US on the remarkable contributions of farmwives. She lives on a 109-year old farm near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada with her husband and two children, and runs a successful photography & freelance writing business.


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Look forward to lots of humour from "present-day" kids like:

Charlie and Benny Keddy, Nova Scotia, Canada. Age(s): 7 and 5 when Billi asks them:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"What's the coolest thing about your Dad?"

And, also look forward to wisdom that only those in the golden years can impart when Billi asks people like:

Edith Paul, Alberta, Canada

Age: 90
"What are key memories of your Mom?"

"What was a typical day like for you after you got home from school?"