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A break for you...

Hey everyone,

As we all sit with the "unknowing" that comes with our current situation, I just wanted to offer you a bit of a break in case you could use something else a little more positive to focus on:

1. A new interview just launched on "The Women Among Us" blog series. Nancy Aronie is an author who hails from Martha's Vineyard, USA and I'm proud to have her as my newest interview! You can find it here.

2. If you're on Facebook - I've come across a woman from Vegreville, Alberta who is currently under quarantine with her family of five after testing positive for Coronavirus after returning from a trip to Mexico. She posts video messages daily sharing useful info about her (extremely mild) symptoms and talks about what her and her family are doing to keep entertained during their isolation. It's upbeat and is an interesting page to visit! You can find it here.

3. If you are having a hard time concentrating (like so many of us are) I've spent a bit of time creating a "to do" list of things I plan to focus on during the "limbo" period that we seem to be entering. I thought doing the same may help others if anxiety or unease is affecting you.

I made up a list of things like catching up on phone calls (real ones, where you hear peoples' voices, rather than opting for the usual "text") and filling up my freelance writing "article pitch bucket".

Here was mine - do you have good ideas for yours?

4. Just a reminder: be mindful of the news & media we consume. Make sure you take breaks! If you're feeling overwhelmed by negative news coverage, spend time on some of the accounts that you follow and enjoy.

Some of my faves are here, here, here and (haha) here!

And, finally, to share what a good friend Sophie Albert recently posted:

"Please stay home as much as possible and please be mindful of everyone who is at increased risk or may need help during this time. And while you are at home, stay connected, read the book you wanted to read, watch you favourite shows and do all the things you never have time for.

Thank you to all the healthcare providers out there."

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