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(These are some things I made for you... totally free. I hope you enjoy).


Do you have a story that needs to be told? So many people have told me they want to write a book.

I've come up with a Tipsheet for you to help get you started. For free! Enjoy and I hope it encourages and motivates you :)









Seasonal Planning Checklists

Maybe a  "checklist" is all you  need to get started! I'm a visual person and so writing down my goals,  priorities, and plans are a must-do for my business and to keep me on track. Here are some checklists I've made recently and I wanted to share them with you! I hope they help you in some way and make your day brighter :)

Fall priority checklist

Winter priority checklist

Spring priority checklist

Summer priority checklist

BILLI J. MILLER is an author, photographer & speaker from east-central Alberta, Canada who is known for "telling stories from the heart and telling stories that matter" with her work. She's the author of three books and writes an inspiring blog series called "The Women Among Us". She teaches highly sought-after writing workshops (when time allows) and writes an uplifting and useful newsletter to her email subscribers monthly(ish). 

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