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Hi, I'm Billi.

I’m a writer and photographer from east-central Alberta in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. I’m also a farmwife and Mom to two unique, blue-eyed beauties. My husband? He’s a 4th-generation cattle & grain farmer. I’m here on this farm because of him. We met in 2009.

Although my past life included life in the city and a job with Government, once I became a country-girl, I harnessed my entrepreneurial side and began a business out of my two loves: photography & writing. Since that time, I’ve authored two-books (celebrating the contributions of Canadian farmwives) , photographed countless families, sold fine art photography of my original landscape images, and most recently - published an online blog series titled “The Women Among Us". I’ve been told my heart is “all over my work”… which I take as a nice way of saying I overshare… a lot. (Hopefully, not too awkwardly.)

My articles, photography and books have appeared on CBC, Global TV, Medium, City TV, Successful Farming Magazine, Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine, Kings County Observer, SEE Magazine, and more. I tend to write about people who have inspired me in some way, stories of resilience, and the special life that living in rural Canada gives us.

I speak to audiences at women’s conferences, agricultural events or workshops about 1) “the heart of the farm”- highlighting the roles of women on family farms 2) "blooming where planted” - from government working cubicle dweller to running a dream business on a 108-year old family farm or 3) “overcoming adversity”- a powerful talk about speaking your truth to empower, celebrate and inspire others (I dive deep in this one).

I grew up on the Prairies, have an expensive obsession with the ocean, and am living my best life on a 108-year old farm with Dean Miller, our two girls and our dog named "Bubbles".

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