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This purchase will get you a signed copy by the Author. (This is the only purchase where personalized inscription is possible.)




"I believe it is so important for people to hear farmers stories and you (Billi) have played such an important role in sharing some of these memories & stories.”

- Mady, Learning About Ag With Mady


"As a farm kid from the '70s and mid-'80s, I found myself transported back to those days, as I too have been chased by a chicken, helped feed and clean the pigs, been tossed off a horse right onto a frozen manure pile and spent many hours placing straw bales to make the perfect fort. If you're a farm kid from any decade, Billi J. Miller's "Farm Kids" will make you smile, tear up or laugh in agreement. "


- Cheryl Brooks, 840 CFCW


"Farm Kids" effortlessly takes you through time capturing the stories of life on the farm as a farm kid through the 1920s right to the present. Excellent and touching book for anyone interested in this life.”


- Peterson Brothers.




Farm Kids: Stories from Our Lives

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