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Getting Started Resources

Click the links below to download the course documents.

You can download these checklists and workbook to use on your own or along with the course.

Tiny Book Course Workbook

Tiny Book Course Journal (optional download)

Your 5 Reasons Why


Book Brainstorm Handout

25 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book


Define What Success Means to You

Checklist - Set Yourself Up for Succes

Book Production Checklist

The Book Production Checklist maps out all the steps in publishing your tiny book. Let’s see which items you’ve already completed (probably, quite a few!) and what your next steps will be.

Tiny Book Production Checklist


The first step to writing a book is solidifying the idea, which we discussed at the retreat. The next step is to start writing. The content in this section will help you if you feel stuck, afraid, or find yourself with writer's block.


 Feeling stuck? Need a burst of inspiration? An inspiring playlist? Here are some resources to help you as   you write your tiny book.

Let's Start Writing Resources

Click the links below to download the course documents.

Tiny Goals Daily Writing Checklist

Ready to get started on your writing journey? Download the Tiny Goals Daily Writing checklist to get you set up for your writing sessions!

Tiny Goals Daily Writing Checklist

How to Simplify Your Book Idea

How to Oveco

me Writer's Block

Resources o Overcome Writer's BloThese resources will help you if you feel like you are suffering from writer's block and need a boost of creativity and inspiration.

Let's Talk About Our Feelings Writing Prompts

Tell Me What You See Visual Writing Prompt Book

YAY! I Completed A Task - Coloring Sheet


Feeling self-doubt? Feeling stuck? Try this handout.

Do Not Disturb Door Sign

AH! Someone else has this same book idea! HELP!

Inspiring Playlists

These are Alex curated and/or approved playlists to help you move through writing with ease, feel energized and inspired, or to simply dance off some stale energy so that you can do your best creative work.

Dreamy Folk Vibes Writing Playlist 

Chill Vibes Writing Playlist

Celtic and Icelandic Playlist

Classical Playlist for Studying/Thinking

The Stress Buster

Aliento by Danit

Afro Indie Playlist

Jazz Vibes

Spirit Balm


Now that you have your manuscript complete, it is time to start editing your book!


Editing Your Tiny Book

Editing Your Tiny Book

Click the links below to download the course documents.

Finding the Right Editor Resources

You finished writing your tiny book! Hooray! Now it's time to edit. Check out the resources below to find the right person (or product!) to help you edit your book!

Editing Resource List

Questions to Ask When Requesting Editing Help


From cover design to interior layout, we'll give you tips and tricks on how to create a cover and an interior layout for your book.

Introduction from designer, Lucy Giller!

Introduction - Designing Your Book

Click the links below to download the course documents.


Download these resources to help you move through the process:

Ask a Designer Overview - This guide accompanies all the videos on this section.

Want to hire a designer or illustrator? Here is a resource list.


Design Your Book Cover

Design Your Book Cover

Here are some resources to help you design your cover.

Choose a Title - Check out page 8-9 in your Tiny Book Course Workbook.

A Simple Guide to ISBN Numbers

6 Ways to Write Your Book Description

Create Your About the Author Page

Placing the Barcode on Your Cover

Based on some feedback, Lucy decided to do a follow-up video showing you how to place a barcode on the back cover of your book using Canva. While this certainly is a way to work around it, we highly suggest using the free barcode IngramSpark provides in the cover template and having a designer on implement it for you if you are unsure. 

Create Your Book Interior Using Our Templates

Here are some videos and templates to help you create your own book interior using either Word or Pages.

Using the Word Templates

Download the Word Interior Templates (Available in standard sizes)

Download the Word Interior Journal Templates (Available in standard sizes)

Using the Pages Templates

Download the Pages Interior Templates (Available in standard sizes)

Download the Pages Interior Journal Templates (Available in standard sizes)

Saving Your Book as a PDF

Saving Your Template for an eBook


Ready to self-publish your book?
We'll show you how to set-up your book like a pro!


Self-Publish Like a Pro with IngramSpark

Please note: This is the longest video in the course. It is 1 hour and 42 minutes. It contains a wealth of information when it comes to self-publishing your tiny book with IngramSpark including sizing, pricing, etc. Don't have the time? That's okay! You can watch the simplified videos with Lindsey in this section about book sizing, pricing, and distribution.


The following handouts accompany the comprehensive video with IngramSpark.

Publish Like a Pro with IngramSpark Slides

Case Study (as mentioned in the video)

IngramSpark Resource List

Book Sizing, Pricing and Distribution


The following handout accompanies the video on book sizing, pricing, and distribution.

Book Pricing and Distribution Resources

Upload Your Book to IngramSpark - Tutorial


The following handout accompanies the video on uploading your book to IngramSpark.

IngramSpark Upload Sheet​


Ready to start promoting your book?
Here are some bonus materials to get you started!


Bonus Promotion Materials

Ready to start promoting your book? Here are some templates and resources to get your book seen by more!

Create a 3D Graphic of Your Book

Plan Your Dream Book Launch

3 Ways to Announce Your Book

A Template To Ask for a Review/Endorsement

A Template to Pitch Your Book to the Press

Oct 17 – Oct 23:

Week 1: Intention & Motivation

Reset 1: Clear-Eyed Goals
Pursue your goals with grace & tenacity by imagining the obstacles in advance


Reset 2: A Daily Victory Dance
Create a feedback loop for momentum by celebrating small victories every day

Reset 3: Calling in Your Allies
Infuse your process with intention and joy by embracing social accountability

Oct 24 – Oct 30:

Week 2: Energy & Attention

Reset 4: The Golden Hours
Feel energized all day long by aligning your work with your body clock


Reset 5: Effortless Attention
Find flow effortlessly by shifting between the two types of attention

Reset 6: Active Rest
Nourish your creativity by making rest & reflection a daily practice

Oct 31 – Nov 6:

Week 3: Technology & Boundaries

Reset 7: A Safe Space
Clarify your boundaries w/ technology and liberate yourself from other people’s rules

Reset 8: Task Alignment
Align your tasks, your email, and your calendar with the work that matters

Reset 9: Saying No
Free yourself from unwanted commitments by saying “no” with kindness

Nov 7 – Nov 13:

Week 4: Inspiration & Ideas

Reset 10: Free-Flowing Ideas
Open up space for new ideas to flow by balancing your inputs and your outputs

Reset 11: Skillful Inspiration
Invite aha-moments through consistent practice and consistent curiosity

Reset 12: 3-D Self-Expression
Tap into your inner voice by expanding your canvas and working in 3-D

Farewell Integration: Tuning In

Reset 13: Closing Attunement
A final power up to return you to your work renewed & refreshed

Q&As, Guided Rituals, Meditations

+ 50 On-Demand Q&As
Jocelyn answers students’ most common questions in this series of 50 short, on-demand videos that will help you tailor RESET to your workflow needs and creative goals.

+ 12 Reset Rituals
Each lesson is accompanied by a “reset ritual” that’s designed to help you embody the material. It includes a reflective prompt and a worksheet that you can use again and again.

+ 4 Meditations
Each phase in the RESET journey wraps with a meditation to help you identify and release old patterns and invite healthy new practices into your daily routine.

+ A Guided Workbook
You’ll be guided through the RESET journey via a beautifully designed 63-page, printable workbook with key takeaways, reflections, and worksheets for every lesson.

+ A Community Space
You’ll have access to a dynamic online forum where you can connect with other students, share notes on your progress, and kick around ideas as you move through the course.


How the Course Works

RESET is a self-guided program. Throughout the 4 weeks of the course, I’ll provide gentle encouragement via a series of thrice-weekly emails to students. But, ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat — what you get out of the course will depend on what you put in.

Work at your own pace. The course is designed to offer you a wide range of tools for support and flexibility, so that you can work at your own pace and get the most out of the materials. While 4 weeks is the recommended pace, you are welcome to go slower or faster.

Course access for life. Once the course opens and you receive your login details, you will have access to all of the RESET materials immediately and forever. Access is not limited to 4 weeks.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ.

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