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Knock on the door.

There was a woman who had a group of six-lifetime girlfriends whom she couldn't live without. They have known each other since childhood, and even now (in their mid-forties) they speak almost every day.

In this group of seven - they all have different jobs, live in different cities, all are mothers, some are married, some are not, but despite their differing circumstances - the chain of their friendship remains the same.

One Sunday, on their group text string - a "business owner" of the group shared with the others:

"Tonight, a woman knocked on our door at 9 pm. I barely know her, just from seeing her around town."

She went on to say. "I will always remember the way she knocked. Determination and conviction. It was persistent, but not pushy".

The woman came to humbly ask for a job for herself and her son. Her son was deaf and she wanted a job where they could work together so she could communicate for him. She wanted a "forever job" and she wanted to earn it and would work hard.

That "business owner" friend sadly just had to lay off eight people. So, there wasn't a job for them this day. But, this mother left an impression on her so much that she immediately had to share the story with her six-lifetime girlfriends.

"I love women. I really do", she said.

"To have the courage to knock on a door. I'm so moved by her. And upset that this is on her shoulders."

Determination and conviction.

Persistent but not pushy.

Fierce love and care.

Happy International Women's Day.

I hope you feel loved, supported, and seen yesterday and every day.

I am fiercely blessed to have this group of six forever friends that I do.

Have you knocked on a door for something that you've wanted lately?

Until next time,



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AUTHOR Billi J. Miller is an author, photographer, speaker and writer from east-central Alberta, Canada. Previously a city-living, nine-to-five Government worker, Billi moved to the country to marry the farmer of her dreams in 2010 and traded concrete and traffic for life on a 100-year old prairie farm. Harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit she started a successful business as a writer, photographer & speaker. In 2016, she authored the first of a two-book series about the remarkable contributions of farmwives and has been recognized for her work on CBC, Global TV, City TV, and countless newspapers and magazines both in Canada and in the US. In 2020 (in the thick of the pandemic) she published her third book (her first "children's book") with her daughters about their family dog. She regularly publishes an inspiring blog series called "The Women Among Us" where she interviews women from all walks of life. Miller has truly found her passion "telling stories from the heart and telling stories that matter". Billi resides with her husband and two young girls on a 110-year old farm in Alberta, Canada where she works from her home office (or outside of COVID-times, from her favourite coffee shop).

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